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Dad’s Daily

Lately, my father has adopted the habit of asking me what the best part of my day was. He then documents my answer and plans on sharing the record with me at some point in the future. Besides simply being a sweet gesture, inspiring warm fuzzies with each daily inquiry, this practice has benefitted me in a number of truly significant ways.

In realizing the inevitability of his asking, I find myself preparing an answer to my father’s question throughout the day. I take note of each positive event that transpires, no matter how small, keeping in mind that it may end up constituting the highlight of my day. Continuously assessing all the good things that happened over the course of a day makes it nearly impossible to keep track of any bad things that may have also passed. If nothing else, their import pales beside the sheer enormity of the good. This is one of the most effective methods of staying positive and appreciating life that I’ve ever encountered. I cherish it as a gift my father has generously bestowed upon me.

Besides this gift my father also gave me a dear dose of insight. It is important to acknowledge what you value in life, what makes your existence in this world worthwhile. Ever since deciding on pursuing a degree in dance (albeit conjointly with neuroscience), I’ve questioned the soundness of my decision. A seed of doubt resides in me even now. However, upon starting this record with Dad, I began recognizing some patterns. When I finally look over the master list of finest moments from this semester, I fully expect the majority its elements to be dance related. Almost without fail I seem to label dance as the best part of my day, whether it be nailing a particular step in ballet, being complimented in African, getting to take a fabulous master class, or watching a dance performance. To consider giving up dance would be to consider throwing away one of the most enriching, enjoyable, engrossing aspects of my life. As pursuing a dance major is the best way for me to hang onto that, I feel validated in my decision each and every time dance crops up as the answer to Dad’s daily question.

If the best part of my day isn’t dance, it generally falls into one of a number of categories. Time spent with friends or family in whatever capacity is likely second to dance in regularity. Special events, performances, and the like easily become high points in my day. Doing well on assignments, tests, and quizzes occasionally makes the cut. If nothing particularly notable happens one day, I can count on food to provide me an answer. Even taking time to chill out with some good old mind numbing television, a luxury in college, has made it onto the master list. If we take the time to note that which makes us happiest, we realize what’s important and that every day is invaluable.

Having gained so much from Dad’s daily over such a short span of time, I’d encourage anyone and everyone to adopt a similar tradition. Whether it be with a parent, a friend, multiple people, or independently, take the time to, essentially, count your blessings. You’ll soon find that, with each passing day, the world seems a little brighter.

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